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Let's face it. There is a vast sea of information available about stocks on the internet. There are literally thousands of websites dedicated to providing information about stocks and investing. You can find financials, articles, blogs, analyst opinions, annual reports, charts, SEC filings, stock screeners, and much, much, more. Because of the sheer volume of information available, it can be difficult to figure out what you really need to research before buying a stock.

On top of this, investing in stocks is challenging and loaded with risks. Although there is no way to remove the risk, it is important to thoroughly understand a stock and its risks prior to buying it. To understand a stock an its risks, it is vitally important to do thorough and consistent research before buying.

This is where we come in. We offer stock research tools that you can use to keep track of your stock research. You can use these tools to establish your own stock research steps and use them for each stock you research.

There are plenty of stock research tools available online. Tools like stock screeners can help but don't tell you everything. There are many things that stock screeners didn't tell me about a company. For example, how experienced is its management? What are its future plans? Who are its competitors?

To be honest, we really don't offer anything revolutionary. We simply offer you some resources that you can use to learn about investing and some tools to help you hone in on what is important and track your own stock research.

You might be wondering why online research tracking tools aren't more prevalent. We think that there are good reasons for this. First of all, there are many companies who want you to rely on them for stock ideas. They don't really encourage you to think for yourself and thoroughly analyze a company before buying its stock, because they make money when you subscribe to their newsletter or website.

Also, it should be logical that online brokers want you to buy and sell as often as possible because they want to make more money in the form of commissions. Because of this, most brokers offer tools for traders, but few provide the tools to help long-term investors do thorough research to make good decisions. It is simply not in their financial interest.

We can't ultimately give you any definitive answers about which stocks to buy or tell you exactly how to research them. There is no magic formula for making good investment decisions. Your investing success ultimately relies on your ability to identify and effectively research stocks, buy them at a good price, and sell them at an opportune time in order to realize profits.

What we can offer to you are tools to help you organize your investment research so that it's easier to be more focused and make sure that you are consistently researching everything that you think is important. Click here to get started now (it's free!).

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