My Ideas. Most good investments start with a good idea. There are a number of investing philosophies that can be used to generate good investing ideas. Ideas can come from everyday life, from friends or family members, from the news, or from a systematic top-down or bottom-up method of looking for investment ideas. But once you have the idea, what do you do with it? We will be creating an idea tracker to allow you to document your ideas. Until the idea tracker is available, we've posted a few links to some websites that might get you started on generating some ideas. Once you have an idea, and have narrowed your focus to a stock or set of stocks, you can add and track your research for the stocks on the my research page.

Trying to find ways to get investing ideas? Here are some methods you might want to try out.
Method Website(s) Description
Stock Screeners Yahoo! Stock Screener Stock screeners can be used to narrow down your list of investment possibilities. However, be careful with screeners because they often don't show the big picture. This is why we recommend only using a stock screener to generate ideas, and not the sole method of determining which stocks to buy.
Business/Economic Cycle Timing Economic Cycle Timing

Market Oracle Cyclical Investing Guide
Many investors take a cyclical approach to investing, and try to time their stock purchases based on the economic cycle.
News and Articles Google Finance

Read up on the latest market news at Google Finance.
Forbes.com Ideas Forbes Investing Ideas

Check out this page on Forbes' website dedicated to investing ideas.
The Top-Down Approach Investopedia.com

The top-down approach is a logical approach used by many investors to pinpoint investing opportunities.
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